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The Air Ambulance Service operates the national Children’s Air Ambulance, across England, Scotland and Wales, and the local air ambulance services for Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Our vision is clear. To ensure children grow into adults, for adults to live longer and for families to stay together, as bereavement through trauma becomes rare. Our services work tirelessly to save lives and alleviate sickness, wherever and whenever possible.

Our charity does not receive any government funding and relies entirely on voluntary donations and support from our communities.

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Organise your own incredible challenge event, come to one of our fundraising dinners, or join an event and push yourself to help raise awareness and vital funds for our services.

How to Organise Your Own Charity Event

Have an idea for a fundraiser? Want our support in making it happen? Take a look at how to organise an event, regardless of size, to help raise vital funds and awareness of our charity. From choosing date to keeping supporters safe, we can advise you on the best way to approach creating a fundraiser to make it the best it can be.

Children’s Air Ambulance

When a child is too sick to travel, we can fly medical teams and bespoke equipment to them from across the UK, turning their local hospital into a specialist centre.

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Your Local Air Ambulance Service

The Air Ambulance Service flies across the counties of Warwickshire & Northamptonshire, and Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland, covering 3,850 square miles.

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