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We give people the very best chance of survival and recovery.  We hope you'll never need us.  But if you do, we'll be there for you.

Our vision is clear
. To ensure children grow into adults, for adults to live longer and for families to stay together, as bereavement through trauma becomes rare.

Take on a lifesaving skydive

Our skydive provider, Skyline Events, will coordinate all the logistics for your jump.

Step 1:  Click 'Register Now' to be taken to our dedicated Skyline Events registration page.

Step 2: Select your date, location and time.

Step 3: Skyline Events will be in touch to arrange your skydive.

Step 4: We'll create you an online fundraising page and suppport you along the way.

Minimum Fundraising Target:  £395* or £450
*depending on your location

(this includes the £200 cost of the jump)

Skydive FAQS

What is the minimum fundraising target for these skydives?

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Fundraising target £395 (or £450) * £200 which covers to the cost of the jump.


Just so you’re aware, the minimum fundraise amount does not cover any additional costs that might apply to the drop zone you choose. These might be costs around additional weight limits for example. Or you might want to purchase some photographs or a video of your skydive yourself as a souvenir of the experience.



When is my minimum fundraising target due?

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The fundraising target will be due 2 weeks before your jump.



What if I havn't reached the minimum fundraising target by the deadline?

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If you haven’t reached your target before you go you will be asked to pay the cost for the skydive. This varies with which airfield you choose! (£200-£299).



What will I receive by taking part in a skydive?

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  • Welcome pack with a t-shirt for your jump!
  • Event team member supporting you through your fundraising journey
  • Certificate and medal after reaching your target



Got questions, or want to find out more?

Hi, I'm Morgan and I'm the Junior Events Manager for Your Local Air Ambulance. 

If you have any questions, or would like to chat more about taking on a skydive, please feel free to call me on 07936 044844.