Alison Hipwell

Leicestershire Firewalk

I'm taking on the Leicestershire Firewalk in aid of my local air ambulance

So as I’ve obviously not had enough adventure this year. I’ve decided to do a firewalk to raise money for my local Air Ambulance. 

I hope to never need them but will always appreciate what they do. Particularly as a biker and a mum I know how important it is to have this service. Instead of buying me a drink please stick your hand in your pocket and sponsor me to walk on hot coals instead! I’m sure it’ll be much more entertaining xx

My Milestone Badges

More milestone badges will unlock as my fundraising targets are achieved

Thank you to my Sponsors


Dave Hipwell


Paul B

Good luck Ali 👍



Go for it Ali x


Nancy Somerville

Well done, Ali! Nancy x


Catherine Somerville

You’re mad, but I love you. Mum xx


Alison Hipwell